MicroPulse 5 and MicroPulse 5 PA

MicroPulse 5 and MicroPulse 5 PA Instruments

MicroPulse 5 is an advanced ultrasonic instrument that is available with both conventional and phased array channels. It also has 4 axes of position encoder inputs and is remotely controlled via a high-speed ethernet connection.

These features have made it popular for field inspections, using both crawlers and hand-held probes. It is also widely used for in-process inspections, forming the core of an automated inspection system for of all types of manufactured components.


  • 25 MHz bandwidth
  • Extremely low noise receiver, many filtering options
  • 100 MHz sampling at 12 bits vertical resolution
  • 4-Axis encoder inputs: enables extremely high-speed scanning in pulse-on-position mode or position stamped mode
  • Square-Wave 300 V pulser for optimum transducer excitation
  • 16 channels, expandable up to 64 channels
Phased Array
  • 32/32 64/64 or 128/128 channels (up to 512 channels on special order)
  • All channels may be used for beam forming
  • Dynamic Depth Focusing
  • Apodization
  • Easy-to-use focal law interface and sound field simulation tools are included

Software Platforms

MicroPulse 5 is supported by a number of software platforms, including:
  • InspectionWare
  • Peak NDT’s ArrayGen software with SimulUS beam modelling software
  • British Energy MIPS/GUIDE

The MicroPulse instrument family uses an open data format and long-established MicroPulse command language so that users have the option to write their own interface for controlling the instrument.

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