MicroPulse 5 Conventional Specifications
Pulser Specifications
PulserPulser Voltage50 to 300 Volts50 Volt
Pulser Rise Time <5 ns N/A
Pulser Width 20 nsec to 500 nsec2 nsec
Pulser Damping50Ω to 660Ω in 8 steps N/A
Pulse Repetition Frequency1 Hz to 20 kHz 1 Hz
Receiver Specifications
Receiver AmplifiersGain 70 dB 0.25 dB
Input Noise 2 nV typical N/A
Gain Linearity Better than 0.25dBN/A
Input Impedance660 Ω N/A
Bandwidth .75 MHz to 25 MHz (-3 dB)N/A
Channel Crosstalk< 60dB between channels at 2 MHz
FiltersAnalog Filters 0.75 MHz to 12 MHz (-3 dB) Bandpass FilterDiscrete selection
2.5 MHz to 18 MHz (-3 dB) Bandpass Filter
3 MHz to 22 MHz (-3 dB) Bandpass Filter
3 MHz to 25 MHz (-3 dB) Bandpass Filter
0.5 MHz Bandpass Filter
1 MHz Bandpass Filter
2 MHz Bandpass Filter
4 MHz Bandpass Filter
5 MHz Bandpass Filter
10 MHz Bandpass Filter
5 MHz 2nd Order TOFD Bandpass Filter
10 MHz 2nd Order TOFD Bandpass Filter
Distance Amplitude Correction DAC Dynamic Range 0 to 40 dB0.25 dB
DAC TriggerTransmit pulse or material interface echo User selectable
No of DAC curves 32 utilising up to 32 kbytes
DAC update40 dB/Ásec
DAC Clock Rate0.78 MHz to 25 MHz6 settings
Digitizer and Digital Processing
Digitizer ADC Resolution12 bitsN/A
ADC Rate25, 50, and 100 MHzUser selectable
Rectification Rectification No Rectification
+ve halfwave
-ve halfwave
Discrete selection
Post Rectification FilterNone and 7 selectable settings
Hardware GatesGates1 gate utilizing up to 64 kbytes
Gate Delay64 k sample points from trigger or I/F echo
Interface EchoHardware interface trigger for gate and DAC
Digital Processing Hardware Peak ProcessingUp to 80 peaks (N + largest), first peak, largest peak
Averaging2 to 256 real-time
Output OptionsPeak processed data or full digitized waveform
Threshold5 to 100% of full scale0.5%
General Specifications
Interfaces Control Interface100 Base-T Ethernet , Gigabit Ethernet
Digital Encoders 4 axes of differential quadrature inputs accepting 5 and 15 Volt encoders at rates of up 700 kHz
Digital I/O 8 channels. TTL inputs
8 channels Open Collector outputs - sinking up to 400 mA
Oscilloscope OutputsTrigger, Gate, Ascan
A-Scan output shows either an individual channel or a summed waveform re-constructed from the digitized channels
ConnectionsUT ConnectorsTriaxial LEMO bulkhead: ERA.1S.650.CTL
Suitable Mating Connectors:
LEMO FFA.1S.650.CTAC47 for Trompeter TRC-50 triax cable
LEMO FFA.1S.650.CTAC62 for Belden 9222 triax cable
Control ConnectorIP67 rated 9-pin D-Sub
Encoder Connector30 pin receptacle: LEMO FGG.4B.330.CLM
Suitable Mating Connector: Lemo FGG.4B.330.CYCD10Z
Digital I/O Connector24-pin receptacle: LEMO EGC.4B.324.CLM
Suitable Mating Connector: Lemo FGC.4B.324.CYCD10Z
Scope Output ConnectorBNC bulkhead jack
PhysicalCase Size450 mm x 380 mm x 170 mm
Power Supply90 - 260 V AC at 45 - 100 Hz
Weight 15 kg
Environmental EnclosureIP20 (rugged chassis available)
TemperatureOperating: 0 to 40 ░C
Storage: -20 to 70 ░C

Product Ordering Options

The following options can be specified when ordering MicroPulse 5 instruments:

    Channels: 16, 32 or 64 channels are standard. Other configurations are available by special order.

    Rackmount: for permanent installations, a rackmount chassis is available.

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