IW CScan

Simple, Flexible, Productive C-Scan Software

IW CScan has a clean interface, with intuitive menus and quick access controls. Acquisition, motion and scan setup share consistent easy to learn workflow, allowing for easy navigation with no memorization. The easy to read status and motion panels keep you updated on critical system information, while the A-Scan and C-Scan panels let you focus on the signals and images.

IW CScan supports a wide range of ultrasonic, eddy current and analog instruments including conventional, phased array, and FMC /TFM.

Designed to make scanning effortless. The quick setup menu shows just what is needed to get the job done, accelerating operator training, and reducing setup errors.

Easy migration:
Ideal for new systems, upgrades and retrofits. Utilize the easy setup tools to deploy systems, reduce scanner downtime allowing you to return to production faster.

Legacy Compatible & Future Proof:
Legacy instruments with analog output can be used to generate real time C-Scans, reducing overall cost of upgrading older systems, and eliminating lengthy reapproval processes.

IW CScan is powered by InspectionWare, enabling an easy upgrade path when increased automation capabilities or customization is required.

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