UT340 Product Overview
Features and Benefits

Improve transducer performance through unprecedented pulse tuning

Precisely match pulse and transducer characteristics utilizing pulse width steps of 0.20 ns and full pulse voltage control. The output of most transducers can be easily doubled through this level of pulse tuning.

Deliver the power to drive any transducer

A full 350 microjoules of energy is available to the transducer since no damping circuitry is required for pulse tuning. Improved output energy reduces the amount of gain needed to detect small flaws, permits the use of new probe technologies and offers extended testing capabilities.

Obtain low-noise and wide-bandwidth performance at the same time

Use one instrument for all of your ultrasonic testing. With either conventional or high-frequency transducers, the UT320 and UT340 offer dramatic signal to noise improvements at all gain settings.

Control all instrument settings and test parameters through your computer

The UT320 allows total software control through a simple command set. This advanced level of control facilitates programmable laboratory testing as well as automated industrial applications.

The elegantly simple-to-use front panel of the UT340 allows fast and precise changes to all instrument settings. The unique co-pilot mode feature lets you work from either the front panel or the computer as both are always active and updated.

Extraordinary Performance at an Ordinary Price

At UTEX, we have worked hard to develop a series of instruments that we think you'll enjoy using and that have performance specifications you won't find elsewhere.

Designed to make your life easier, the UT340 features a simple-to-use front panel that lets you get on with your work. The remote control software even lets you work simultaneously from either the front panel or your computer in co-pilot mode.

Both the UT320 and UT340 provide very fine adjustment resolution of its high voltage, high current and very fast rise time pulses. This means that you can now drive virtually any transducer technology and get the exact pulse tuning you need.

The UT320 and UT340 represent a significant advancement in ultrasonic pulse generation, pulse tuning and wide-bandwidth amplification at a price comparable to other manually controlled pulser receiver systems.


The UT320 and UT340 provide the optimum pulse-voltage and pulse-width combination to excite any transducer. With a fast rise time ( <2.0 ns or optional 1.0 ns), the instrument optimally drives any transducer frequency up to 150 MHz. Pulse repetition frequencies to 20 kHz enable high-speed scanning.

The engineered "soft" start-up and adjustment sequence of both the UT320 and UT340 ensure safe operating limits that will not damage the instrument or the transducer. If settings beyond these limits are selected, the instrument will intervene and continue to run at safe settings.


The receiver provides up to 63 dB of gain with continuous adjustment. The low-noise, wide-bandwidth receiver characteristics offer improved inspection performance.

In conventional instrument designs, input signals are first attenuated and then re-amplified by a fixed gain stage. The UT320 and UT340 have no attenuators. This unique design offers dramatic signal to noise improvements at all gain settings.

Modular Architecture

The modular architecture of the UT320 and UT340 offers maximum flexibility, permitting users to select a system consistent with their specific needs.

The main components include a high-frequency, high-energy pulser and a low-noise, wide-bandwidth receiver. Modules can be added as required or easily replaced for servicing. The industrial-grade enclosure, only 3.5 inches high, is sized for table-top or rack-mount use.

Computer Control

UT320 - Computer controlled pulser receiver

UT340 Ultrasonic Pulser Receiver

Software included with the UT340/320 allows every aspect of the instrument to be computer controlled. All variables including pulse voltage, pulse width, pulse repetition frequency and amplifier gain can be controlled in discrete steps through a graphical user interface under Windows.

Winspect, an optional Windows-based data inspection system, includes driver support for the UT340/320 pulser receiver system. Winspect also provides motion control, scan data recording and all conventional data display formats.

UT340 - Computer controllable pulser receiver

UT340 Ultrasonic Pulser Receiver

All instrument variables can be controlled simultaneously through the easy-to-use front panel or through the included graphical computer interface software.

UT340 Ultrasonic Pulser Receiver

Your work will be smooth and effortless since our simple, single-level menus permit direct setting changes through a numeric keypad, rotary knob or software sliders.

Save and recall up to 99 configurations in the UT340 with just a few keystrokes or save and recall configurations to files in your PC.

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