Collision Detector Product Overview
Collision Detector is a touch sensor designed to prevent damage to a scanning system or inspection components due to accidental collisions.

Collision Detector

Main features:

  • Omni-directional impact detection
  • Adjustable trip threshold
  • Corrosion proof
  • Customizable sensor feelers (see the two examples below)

Typical applications:
  • Immersion scanners
  • Gantry systems - Squirter or air-coupled

The collision detector detects when the scanner gets too close to the surface of a part using an omni-directional, low-force sensor. It sends a signal to the emergency stop circuit of a motor controller using a normally-open or normally-closed contact. The trip threshold is adjustable and the sensor head can withstand a load of up to 100 pounds. During setup, the operator can be alerted by an LED and audible alarm when the unit is tripped.

The detector is made of stainless steel and delrinŽ and is therefore completely submersible and corrosion proof. It uses electronic sensing so there are no switch contacts to wear out or damage. The collision detector can be installed in minutes using elastomer fasteners.

The Collision Detector at a Glance:

Components:Sensor head, interface unit, mounting block
Sensor:Hall effect
Trip Threshold:Variable
Activation Plane:Any direction, 120 grams
Materials:Stainless steel and Delrin
Mounting:Elastomer fasteners
E-stop signal: N/O or N/C
Power:8 V - 24 VDC

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