Inspection System Retrofits

Upgrades for Older Inspection Systems

It is possible to benefit from new technology and Inspection Automation without the expense of purchasing a new system. A simple retrofit of your existing system may be all that is required.

Most scanner retrofits can be installed in a matter of days, often using existing flaw detectors, digitizers, motion controllers and scanners.

Reuse and Automate the Assets You Already Own

Extend the Life of Existing Hardware. Older instruments can be retrofitted to increase data accuracy, add additional capabilities and reduce downtime. Retrofitting is also a good option when an older instrument is still needed to meet current standards.

Instruments can be Automated. Retrofitting older instruments to make use of automation technology can result in faster scan speeds and better test results. For example, a manual flaw detector can be reused on an automated NDE system.

New Instruments and Old Instruments can be Run by the Same Software. Users can take advantage of new technologies without disrupting existing hardware.

Upgrade Type


Squirter System
  • For AUSS, Matex, QMI, Meccasonics, Testech, Mateval
Disk Inspection Tank
  • For IRT, AIT, Sonix, Aims NDT, CalData, GE, KB, JB Eng
Billet Inspection Tank
  • For IRT, AIT, Testech
Plate Inspection Tank
  • For AIT, Testech
Along for the Ride
  • We hook on to an existing system (inexpensive)
Lab Scanner
  • For Sonix, PAC
Materials Characterization
  • Laboratory extruder upgrades
  • On-line rheometers upgrades

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