About System Integrators

There are three ways your organization can obtain solutions from UTEX:

  1. Purchase UTEX products and solutions through a UTEX Partner or Integrator.
  2. Use your preferred engineering company and we’ll work with them to configure a solution for your inspection problem. We can also train them to support you.
  3. Work directly with UTEX. We occasionally build systems for end-users when no system integrator is suited to the work to be done. Typically, this involves projects where new methods and advanced technology must be developed to solve the inspection problem.

Specialized Knowledge: UTEX partners offer specialized knowledge in one or more areas of expertise:

Knowledge by Industry Type:
Knowledge by NDE Technique:
UTEX Partner Services:
  • Aero engine components
  • Aerospace airframe structures
  • Primary metals and forgings
  • Pipe manufacturing
  • Wind power generation
  • Conventional power generation
  • Nuclear power generation
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Food manufacturing
  • Polymer manufacturing
  • Railway systems maintenance
  • Phased Array Ultrasound
  • Immersion Ultrasound
  • Squirter Ultrasound
  • Contact Ultrasound
  • Eddy Current Scanning
  • Laser Profilometry
  • Adhesive Bond Testing
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Real-Time On-line Materials Analysis
  • Conductivity Mapping
  • NDE process automation
  • NDE technique development
  • Systems design engineering
  • Custom machine building
  • Motion control engineering
  • Robotic systems integration
  • Factory database integration
Contact us and we will recommend the best partner for the job.

UTEX Partners can...
    • Retrofit and upgrade existing inspection systems: If the inspection system is mechanically sound, a retrofit can be a fast and economical way to gain the benefits of modern instrument technology and software.
    • Design and deliver new inspection systems: Many UTEX partners are specialists in developing novel systems where technology must be customized to meet a unique demand.
    • Offer local service: Although some partners with special services also operate internationally, most offer service regionally. This local support means rapid turn-around time with lower overall cost for service and emergency support.
    • Offer turnkey systems: UTEX partners can offer complete single-source solutions, without giving up the benefits of multiple vendor flexibility. Using UTEX tools and a selection of 3rd party components, customized solutions can be delivered on a timeline not much longer than it would take for the purchase of off-the-shelf components.
    • Optimize your inspection process: There may be areas of your inspection process where you can gain efficiency or improve the quality and reliability of the inspection results.

The benefits...

    • Decrease your costs: UTEX Partners can help you reduce the costs of your existing inspections. There are significant hidden costs lurking in the NDT departments of many companies. Among the largest of these is set up and calibration time for inspections. Tedious, error-prone manual set-ups and exacting standards are common complaints in the industry. There is also a perception that modernization of older NDT systems can be costly and difficult, partly due to the bureaucratic burden of obtaining re-certification and approvals from regulatory bodies and customers. The obvious (but not easy) answer is to automate the system configuration while avoiding unnecessary changes to approved procedures and equipment. UTEX systems integrators can show you how.
    • Increase your revenues: UTEX Partners can help you extract more revenue from the products that you are already making. Material and products that are certified as inspected command a higher price than those that are not certified. Some of the highest value products and materials are sold into specialty markets for high-tech applications. Being able to efficiently inspect your materials, means you can certify your products to the highest standards your process can achieve. Efficient inspections will minimize the production of scrap or off-spec material that must be sold at a discount. Improved inspections provide better data about your product quality, which then enables you to continuously improve your process.
    • Extend your business: UTEX Partners and systems integrators can help you bring on new products that extend the reach of your business. As your inspection costs go down, and your product quality goes up, a broader range of markets and product opportunities become available to you. Advanced inspection capability enables you to innovate in a number of ways, such as rapidly proving that your new lower cost way to manufacture costly products meets or exceeds the standards of the old way. Truly innovative manufacturers exploit their NDT capabilities to gain a real competitive advantage.
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