Become a System Integrator
Benefits to the Partner: UTEX partners enjoy advantages that enable them to differentiate their organizations and offer increased value to their customers.
  1. Customize your offering with your own specialized knowledge so that you are more than just a product reseller
  2. Accelerate the delivery of customized solutions with NDT's best software tools
  3. Pre-sale support: call upon UTEX for expertise and novel ideas that help you make the sale
  4. After Sale Support: unlimited access to support via telephone and web meetings
  5. 3rd Party Product Recommendations: we recommend what works best and why
  6. Private Labelling of your applications

Other benefits:
  • Increase sales by offering a team approach rather than a single vendor offering
  • Get inventory right away through our Quick Ship program
  • Choose from a wide range of supported hardware with preferred pricing on UTEX products and software
  • Marketing - Partners are profiled on UTEX web pages
  • Advanced tools: version control, branding, key control etc.

UTEX Partners receive special access to integrator technical support and discounts based on volume and certification level. System integrators are also profiled on our website so that end users can make an informed decision and request quotes. As a system integrator, you are able to purchase anything that we offer including third-party hardware, custom interfaces and make use of our training and integration services.

To be a UTEX Partner, your company must offer one or more of the following:
  • The ability to design, build and install inspection systems
  • The ability to retrofit existing inspection systems
  • A proprietary inspection technology built using the InspectionWare
  • Private-label use of InspectionWare

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a UTEX Partner.
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