The InspectionWare Platform

Businesses have spent millions of dollars streamlining internal operations, yet few tackle the inefficiencies involved in dealing with manual and inflexible NDT software.

Software designed for only one instrument and a lack of automation leads to lost productivity, quality and profits.
InspectionWare Platform

The InspectionWare Platform is here to change all that

InspectionWare is a unique configurable platform, which contains everything companies need to build and automate any type of NDE system, regardless of the instrumentation or motion control used, or the complexity of the scanning process.

InspectionWare Bridges the Gap between creators and users of NDE systems. By providing a way to create customized applications, it offers an alternative to the prepackaged NDE software that system vendors have relied on in the past. Designing an inspection system around the user’s needs is now possible and practical using InspectionWare.

InspectionWare Can Integrate and Automate next generation ultrasonics, traditional flaw detectors, and many other inspection techniques. Running everything on the same software platform reduces complexity and streamlines inspections. Productivity is improved when an operator interface is created displaying only the controls needed to run the system.

NDE Automation Unclogs Inspection Bottlenecks, improves reliability and reduces costs. Instrument set-up, scanning, acquisition, processing and reporting can all be automated using InspectionWare. Consistency between operators improves and throughput increases when repetitive and manual tasks become automated. Users can choose any level of automation to start, and more tasks can be included as the inspection demands it.

InspectionWare Provides Versitility to traditionally fixed applications, where one unit performs one type of task. By creating multiple workspace, InspectionWare can provide the capability to create multipurpose systems with rapid switching between purposes.

Applications Powered by InspectionWare range from simple inspection systems for composites, engine disks, and forgings to process control applications like real-time composite cure and adhesive bond monitors. Many complex problems in the aerospace, power generation and manufacturing industries are being solved using InspectionWare. There are no limits to what you can do.
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