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Utex has created close-knit relationships with system integrators around the world in order to most easily facilitate the creation and integration of our systems as quickly and capably as possible. The list of Integrators below will allow you to contact our System Integrators directly, as for most applications they will be able to help to suit your needs. For those with system requirements which no System Integrator is ideally suited to, Utex can help directly.

Each Integrator has unique capabilities, which have been briefly detailed, along with contact information, and location.

Eclipse Scientific Products Inc.
Waterloo. Ontario
Eclipse Scientific Products builds scanners for pipeline inspection, weld inspection and transducer characterization work. They have extensive experience in SCC sizing as well as corrosion mapping.
Contact: Robert Ginzel
Phone: (519) 794-0110 ext. 21 or toll free (800) 490-1072
Email: rginzel@eclipsescientific.com
Website: www.eclipsescientific.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Laboratory Scanners, Portable Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, Winspect Training
UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc.
Mississauga. Ontario
UTEX's primary business activity is developing hardware and software for system builders. This includes all of the components needed to build inspection or material characterization systems. UTEX will occasionally build systems for end-users when no system integrator is ideally suited for the scope of the work to be done.
Contact: Walter Weber
Phone: 905-828-1313 ext 223
Fax: 905-828-0360
Email: wweber@utex.com
Website: www.utex.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Scanner Retrofits, General Purpose Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, On-line Measurement Systems, Winspect Training, Imagine3D Training Laboratory Scanners, Portable Scanners

United States
Cobra Scientific
Santa Ana, California
Cobra Scientific manufactures and integrates automated and manual non-destructive test equipment and fixtures to assist with Ultrasonic and Eddy Current NDT (non-destructive testing) in the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, and Power Generation as well as other non-aligned industries.
Contact: Greg Smith
Phone: (714)-340-7950 x101
Fax: (714)-439-2100
Email: gregs@cobrascientific.com
Website: www.cobrascientific.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Robotic Automation, Robotic Tooling and Handling, Mechanical Engineering
Genesis Systems Group
Davenport, Iowa
Genesis builds robotic welding systems, assembly automation and robotic tooling and material handling. Products serve automotive, manufacturing, light and heavy industry companies. Genesis will provide high level performance and out of the box part flow.
Contact: Whitney Moon
Phone: (563) 445-5685
Fax: (563) 445-5699
Email: wmoon@genesis-systems.com
Website: www.genesis-systems.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Robotic Automation, Robotic Tooling and Handling, Mechanical Engineering
Hunter Controls
Chandler, Arizona
Hunter Controls provides CMM Calibration, Repairs and Upgrades, Ultrasonic scanning system support, motion control system upgrades, custom computer systems, workstations, industrial rack mount PC systems, and retrofits Gantries.
Contact: John Hunter
Phone: (602) 549-9714
Email: john@huntercontrols.com
Website: www.huntercontrols.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Gantry Retrofits, CMM Calibration and Upgrades, Mechanical Engineering
Laser Techniques Co.
Redmond, Washington
LTC provides both standard products and custom systems for laser-based profilometry and laser-scanned FPI for noncontact measurement and inspection applications. Their products provide high-resolution, accurate and quantitative images of features such as cracks, corrosion, dents and deformation in systems such as nuclear steam generators, piping systems and safety-critical aerospace components.
Contact: Jim Doyle
Phone: (425) 885-0607
Fax: (425) 885-0802
Email: jimd@laser-ndt.com
Website: www.laser-ndt.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Laser Profilometry, Laser Scanned FPI, Eddy Current Scanners, Mechanical Engineering
Marietta NDT.
Marietta, Georgia
Marietta Nondestructive Testing’s customized engineered systems offer large scale gantry scanners with multiple axes of motion. Ultrasonic testing systems are capable of inspecting complex shapes of varying sizes quickly and are exclusively designed to meet customers’ specific requests. In addition to ultrasonic testing, Marietta NDT is also expert in the design and manufacture of X-Ray systems and other specialized testing machines.
Contact: Steve Norred
Phone: (770) 528-9000
Fax: (770) 426-9713
Email: s.norred@marietta-ndt.com
Website: www.marietta-ndt.com
Best suited for: New Systems, General Purpose Scanners, Immersion Scanners, Gantry Scanners, Surface Following Scanners, Laboratory Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, Eddy Current Systems, Air Scan Systems, Mechanical Engineering
QMI Inc.
Huntington Beach, California
Quality Material Inspection Inc. were the first to introduce Air Scan technology to the world. QMI can build just about any size or type of custom scanner using Winspect. They predominantly produce squirter and Air Scan systems for the aerospace industry although they occasionally service other industries as well.
Contact: Peter Grandia
Phone: (714) 903-4500 ext. 114
Fax: (714) 903-4550
Email: pete@qmi-inc.com
Website: www.qmi-inc.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Gantry Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, Air Scan Systems, Mechanical Engineering
Reliant Technologies Inc.
Linden, Texas
Reliant builds very large immersion scanners and other specialized machines that run using Winspect. Their experience includes aerospace, pipe and in-plant inspection systems. Reliant can also develop novel inspection heads that provide 100% coverage in a single pass to increase production throughput.
Contact: Larry Wells
Phone: 903-756-5656
Fax: 903-756-5283
Email: lwells@reliantndt.com
Website: www.reliantndt.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Immersion Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, On-line Measurement Systems, Mechanical Engineering
Resource Engineering
Phoenix, Arizona
Resource Engineering without question build the highest quality scanners available. Their machines typically run on air bearings and ceramic or composite guideways. The repeatability and accuracy of their scanners are similar to those of a CMM. All of their scanners are capable of complex contour following using their own machine control software that interfaces seamlessly with InspectionWare and Winspect.
Contact: Tim Swift
Phone: (480) 507-0082
Fax: (480) 545-1314
Email: tswift@res-eng.com
Website: www.res-eng.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Immersion Scanners, Software Sales, Systems Design and Implementation
United Kingdom
Indata Products
Indata Products are active in designing and building titanium billet inspection systems. They also build immersion systems for large forgings and small immersion systems for laboratory use.
Contact: Ian Glover
Phone: 011 44 1454 778429
Fax: 011 44 1454 776402
Email: ian.indata@fsmail.net
Best suited for: New Systems, Immersion Scanners, Gantry Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, Mechanical Engineering
Peak NDT Ltd.
Peak NDT are experts in developing new inspection machines for specialized applications in the power, aerospace and petrochemical industries. They have a rare depth of understanding of ultrasonics and are experts in using our simulation and data acquisition products to solve just about any inspection problem.
Contact: Andrew Whittle
Phone: 44-133-273-8752
Fax: 44-133-273-8878
Email: andy.whittle@peakndt.com
Website: www.peakndt.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Ultrasonic Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Winspect Training, Imagine3D Training

The Netherlands
Inspection Technology Europe BV
We supply a wide range of standard NDT products for competitive prices as well as for high quality products. Secondly we design and build tailor made NDT systems for production and lab in a team of Allied Engineers each with their specialism in Mechanics, Electronics and Software.
Contact: Ing. Frans M.Tollenaar
Phone: 31 (0)23 5267975
Fax: 31 (0)23 5267977
Email: f.tollenaar@inspection-technology.com
Website: www.inspection-technology.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Immersion Scanners, Laboratory Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, On-line Measurement Systems

If your company operates in Russia or any of the old Soviet block countries, you may wish to contact Panatest. As representatives, Panatest are able to offer local sales and support for our products.
Contact: Oleg Portnov
Phone:7 495 789 3748
Fax: 7 495 362 8633
Email: mail@panatest.ru
Website: www.panatest.ru
Best suited for: New Systems, General Purpose Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems, Imagine3D Training
Acoulab Co. Ltd.
Acoulab make scanning acoustic microsopes using our high-frequency UT340 pulser receivers. They have their own C-scan software.
Contact: Weon Heum Lee
Phone: 82 32 676 8077
Fax: 82 32 676 8079
Email: whlee@acoulab.com
Website: www.acoulab.com
Best suited for: New Systems, Laboratory Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems
LeePipe Tube Inspection Technologies.
Lee Pipe design and build pipe and aerospace inspection systems.
Contact: Tom Lee
Phone: 86 10 643 92 069
Fax: 86 10 643 92 070
Email: tomlee@leepipe.com
Website: www.leepipe.com
Best suited for: New Systems, General Purpose Scanners, Ultrasonic Systems
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