Integration of Other Techniques

Connecting Eddy Current, Laser and other cool stuff

Various types of instrument outputs can be recorded by InspectionWare and used to build automated systems:

Analog Ouputs are available on many instruments such as flaw detectors and eddy current instruments. Just hook them to a point digitizer and record.

Waveform Outputs are available from pulser receivers, flaw detectors, NIR spectrometers, etc. Anything that generates a waveform is a candidate for integration into an InspectionWare system. Connect these signals to an RF waveform digitizer or a fast point digitizer.

Digital Outputs are available from many small instrumentation systems such as distance measuring devices. Some early NDT systems have binary outputs as well. InspectionWare can handshake with a wide range of digital signalling schemes.
Image Outputs are any TIFF images such as those produced by digital radiography systems. Frame grabbers image file outputs are also supported

Camera Outputs include line and image cameras such as found in Visual, Thermography and Thermal Wave imaging systems. InspectionWare can interface with and analyze the live data from these systems.

Sensor to Digital is where anything that generates a signal is a likely candidate for integration into an InspectionWare system. This includes thermocouples, LVDT sensors, flow sensors, vibration sensors, concentration sensors, gas sensors, etc.

Other techniques that can be automated with InspectionWare

Many novel NDT techniques have been integrated by UTEX and our InspectionWare Developers. Here are a few:

Supported Techniques








Eddy Current Instrument

Eddy Current

Any eddy current instrument with XY voltage outputs can be recorded using an inexpensive point digitizer. Instruments with built in Ethernet or serial ports such as the UniWest US454A are natively supported including data streaming and the ability to fully control all instrument settings.

Laser Profilometry

Laser Profilometry

Laser profilometry is ideal for tubing inspection systems where micro-scratches, dents, ovality and tube diameter can be measured with great accuracy. Any laser range measuring device with binary outputs, such as those from Keyence, are compatible with InspectionWare. System integrators such as Laser Techniques Company in Redmond, WA, build laser profilometry systems using InspectionWare. Call LTC for more details at 425-885-0607.

Laser Scanned Penetrant

Laser Scanned Penetrant

Penetrant inspections are traditionally viewed directly by a technician. This can be automated by the clever use of fluorescent penetrant along with a rotating UV laser, UV detector and InspectionWare. System integrators such as Laser Techniques Company in Redmond, WA, build laser scanned penetrant systems using InspectionWare. Call LTC for more details at 425-885-0607.

Xray of Pipe Radiography


X-ray systems may use point, line, or image detectors as well as traditional film. One way or another, the data from such systems can make their way into InspectionWare for analysis and NDT automation. Even film radiographs can be digitized and viewed in InspectionWare.

Fischer Conductivity meter


Handheld instruments that can stream data serially are able to be interfaced to InspectionWare. In this case a Fischer Conductivity meter is fully controlled by InspectionWare and has its serial data recorded, thereby producing a conductivity C-scan.

Camera Based Inspection

Camera Based Inspection

Video can come in many different forms such as IR, UV, X-ray and Visible images. The support of video within InspectionWare has been increasing recently. Contact UTEX to see if your camera is supported.

Analog Outputs (AN)

Can include: 0-10V, 4-20mA or any time varying signal recorded by a point digitizer.

Waveform Outputs (RF)

Usually delivered by a coaxial cable with voltages in the 1V range recorded by a waveform digitizer.

Digital Outputs (DO)

May be 4, 8, 12 or 16 bits with TTL handshaking lines interfaced to any supported digital I/O.

Image Outputs (IMG)

The Tagged Image Format (TIFF) is supported.

Camera Outputs (VID)

See our list of supported image devices.

Sensor to Digital (A/D)

Any point digitizer with the correct signal conditioning module can be used.

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