New Inspection Systems

A Better Way to Build Inspection Systems

Customized systems are now practical. Our system integrators use InspectionWare to build exactly what you need, giving them full access to the extensive list of supported hardware and automation capabilities.

There are many specialized system integrators to choose from and we can advise you on which one to use. When no suitable integrator is available UTEX can design, build and deliver your new system.

Ultrasonic Inspection System

Purpose-built with Automation

Purpose-built inspection systems are now practical. NDE vendors have traditionally relied on a “one size fits all” approach to systems design, using canned software that cannot easily be modified. Because the features are already built-in, the user often ends up with an inspection system that contains unnecessary functionality and may lack something that would have improved the functionality of the system. InspectionWare and Winspect 7 provide a way to reduce the complexity of NDE software development, so it is easier to create customized systems.

Running everything on one software platform reduces complexity. Many inspection systems now require several software platforms to accommodate multiple inspection techniques and instruments. Integrating everything on one platform simplifies inspection work because operators need to learn only one application. New inspection methods and instruments can be added as needed without affecting the system’s architecture.

NDE is moving towards full inspection automation. Automation makes inspection set-ups and scanning faster. Fully automated inspection systems can be integrated with the manufacturing process so parts don’t need to be taken offline. Automation improves inspection consistency by reducing the variability between operators and increases the flow rate of the whole system by creating inspections which can be performed at the speed of production.

Contact UTEX to learn more or search for a UTEX system integrator.

Inspection Type


  • Multi-zone and conventional inspection systems with non-contact billet following
  • Fully automated disk and shaft inspection systems
  • Rotor inspection systems
  • Train wheel inspections
  • Contour following systems for engine blades, wind blades, turbine blades
  • High speed inspection systems for flat and curved plate
Metal Bond
  • High speed non-contact systems for airframes
Composite Panel, Airframe
  • Squirter inspection systems
  • Air coupled inspection systems
On-line Process ControlUltrasonic Process Analyzer
  • Polymer Extrusion
  • Food Extrusion
  • Bond Cure Analysis
Transducer Characterization
  • Conventional Array
  • Phased Array
Laboratory Scanners
  • Tabletop and Floor Standing
Materials CharacterizationHighly Attenuative Materials
  • Polymer Analysis
  • Food Analysis

Metals Analysis
  • Grain Investigations
  • Porosity
  • Purity

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