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This document contains a downloadable Windows installer for IW Evaluate 1.0.115.

System Requirements

Software requirements

  • OS supported: Windows 7 and up
    Note: To enable full CPU/GPU acceleration on Windows 7, please download and install either Internet Explorer 10 or Windows 7 Platform Update. The functionality is already a part of Windows 8 and up.
  • InspectionWare requires .NET framework version 4.5 or above installed on your system. If you do not have the proper version of .NET framework, click here to download and install it. Please note that Windows 8 and up already includes .NET 4.5.

Download and Installation Instructions
  1. Right-click on the file name in the "Downloads" section below and choose "Save Target As" or "Save..." to download the file to your computer.
  2. Locate the file you have just downloaded then run it to initiate the install process.

    Note for Windows 7 users
    To run the downloaded installer, right-click on the file and from the popup menu select "Run as Administrator" option.

Release Notes:

Version DateNotes
IW Evaluate 1.0.115
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC1.715 Jun 2021Features:
  1. Added ability to move Ref box to the cursor position in right-click menu
  2. Open current file in Align and Merge.
  3. Implemented software TVG for Wfm CScans

Bug Fixes:
  1. Tof color palette auto switched to mm when on navigation to an amp page and back
  2. Locked the control bar height
  3. On raw data the indication box does not populate in first try.
  4. Fixed time to distance override bug for Wfm CScans
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC1.620 May 2021Features:
  1. Implemented ability to save and load setup files.
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC1.530 Apr 2021Features:
  1. Implemented sentencing rules for auto cluster analysis
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC1.405 Apr 2021Features:
  1. Layout selection options for working pane

Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed reference statistics recording in table.
  2. Improved update of dimensional annotations on palette drag.
  3. Color palette range stays within data range. Disabled off-scale color palette.
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC1.3123 Mar 2021Bug Fixes:
  1. TOF threshold edit box range updated to use data subset units.
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC1.310 Mar 2021Bug Fixes:
  1. Indication dimension annotation calculates correct values for cases where only the pixels at the image boundary are of interest.
  2. Improved cropping for Circle and Ellipse indication annotations.
  3. Minor bugs related to refreshing issues and indication templates.
Major Features
  1. Added options for linking analysis thresholds to the palette (Handles, Overlay and None)
  2. Option to enable Ref Cursor tracking to the selected indication
  3. Added Fit Table to page option to the Report
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC1.118 Dec 2020Bug Fixes:
  1. Std Dev decimals set to 4 when displaying Amplitude and ToF in inches.
Minor Features
  1. Indications template improvements
    • Prevent the user from accidentally saving or loading an empty indications template.
    • Inform the user of the number of annotations imported from a saved indications template
IW Evaluate 1.0.115-RC119 Nov 2020Major Features
  1. Analysis tools for identifying, measuring and sizing indications.
  2. Tools to create and manage custom reports
  3. Ability to create and manage palettes
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