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Hardware Drivers for Winspect 6.x versions
This article lists the appropriate drivers for popular motion control and instruments hardware running Winspect 6.x under Windows98 through Windows XP operating systems.

Many other instruments are supported. Please contact UTEX support for information about other legacy devices.

Acquisition Logic:

Galil DMC Motion Control:

    Winspect 6.x supports the Galil DMC family of motion controllers, including the DMC-20x0 series, the 17x0 series, and the DMC 18x0 series.

    Galil drivers up to version 7 are supported.

    The DMC Setup program is required, to configure the Galil motion controller

    All driver files and sopftware utilities plus additional support information are available at the Galil website:


    Galil traditional drivers and the new Galil Tools drivers are supported in Winspect 7.x and higher

Gage Compuscope:

    Gage Compuscope digitizers are supported in Winspect 6.x, using the ver. 3.6 or 4.2 drivers

    For Windows 2000 and Windows XP, please use the drivers version 4.2

    For Windows 98, ME and Windows NT, please use the drivers version 3.6

    These can both downloaded form the Gage website


National Instruments:

    Winspect 6.x supports National Instruments NI-DAQ drives up to version 7.4

    Ni-DAQmx devices are not suported in Winspect 6.x

    National Instruments Ni-DAQ and NI-DAQ MX devices are supported in both Winspect 7.x and InspectionWare 7.x products.

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