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Gage Compuscope Drivers ver 4.20
Drivers for Winspect 6.x and Windows up to Windows XP

The following drivers are provided as a courtesy to UTEX Scientific Instruments customers, and are therefore offered on an "as is" basis. UTEX does not maintain or support these drivers. If you are unsure of what driver to use, please consult the hardware manufacturer directly, or contact UTEX for further guidance.

For the simplest installation, this driver package should be installed on the computer before installing the Gage CompuScope hardware.

The drivers provided on this page are only for Winspect up to versions 6..x. If you have a newer version - Winspect 7, or later, then things may get complicated.

Unfortunately, Gage Applied has discontinued driver support beyond Windows XP, for some of their older digitizers. Among those affected are Compuscope models CS8500, CS82G, CS12100, CS14100.

Winspect 6.x is supported only up to Windows XP operating system.

Winspect 7 will run in Windows XP, Windows 7 and beyond.

Supported Gage CompuScope cards:

    CS 8500 CS 82G CS 12100 CS14100


Installation Instructions:
    1. Download and save the *.exe file to your PC
    2. Install Drivers FIRST. Then turn off the computer and install the card(s).
    3. Install card(s), and turn on the computer. When Plug and Play detects the card(s), allow the computer to automatically (choose the recommended setting) install the driver.
    4. If asked to locate the driver, browse to find the correct inf file to complete the installation.
    5. You are done the main installation. Restart your computer and then you can access the cards via the Winspect software.

You should now be able to access the cards via the acquisition software.

Driver Files
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Winspect Data Acquisition 
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Winspect 6.x 
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08/15/2012 Rev: 1.0
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