Prepare your browser
Before proceeding with browser test, verify your existing version or install a new Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Meeting tools require Sun JVM version 1.4.2 or above. You can confirm your current version of JVM or install the latest JVM by accessing web site maintained by Sun Microsystems.

Testing and Running the Meeting
  • Click Test My Browser button below to check whether your browser is properly set up for running web meetings. Clicking this button will open a meeting in a new window, in which you can try out various tools (including audio and video feeds, if you are using them).

  • When the meeting window opens the meeting preparation, you may see security warnings informing you that you are about to download or run a program (the Sametime Meeting Room) digitally signed by International Business Machines (IBM). Depending on the browser version you are using you have to either trust and accept/run the download or tell the browser not to block Sametime related content. Failure to do so will prevent you from being able to test and/or participate in the meeting.

    The following security warning message appears in Internet Explorer 8. You have to click the "No" button to allow the meeting application to interact with your system.

    The following security warning message appears in earlier versions of Internet Explorer. You have to click the "Run" button to allow the meeting application to interact with your system.

  • If the meeting window opens and you see the new meeting, then your browser is setup correctly for running new meetings. You can now proceed to your meeting.

Correcting Problems
  • If the meeting room does not open, follow the instructions in the messages to correct any problems. After correcting any problems, you may need to close the window and click the button again to restart the test.
Checking system settings
  • To check your system settings, and see if you need to make any changes to your browser set-up, choose View - Startup Messages in the meeting room.
Checking connection information
  • If the network security settings in your organization limit the Internet hosts you can access, ask your IT departament to allow access to the and Internet hosts on standard http port (80). Also, make sure that the system participating in the web conferencing session is allowed to run Java applets (conferencing tools) hosted by the UTEX servers.
  • To check whether there are any connection issues after the meeting starts, choose View - Meeting Room Status Log from the meeting room menus.
Testing audio and video tools
  • If you want to use your computer's audio or video capabilities in a meeting, you should test these tools in the meeting room by speaking into the microphone and checking your picture in the video tab (if you have a Web camera). Your computer must include a supported sound card and camera to use these facilities. Note that you can attend a meeting that uses video even if you do not have a camera. Click here to read about audio and video support
Turning off pop-up blockers in your browser
  • If your browser uses a pop-up blocker, some capabilities in the meeting room will not be available. See the help for your browser or for your installed pop-up blocker to determine how to turn off pop-up blockers for the computer that runs online meetings.

If the meeting does not start, review the additional troubleshooting information.
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