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MEKMCNT driver with installer and instructions
Download the attached files and follow the installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions:

1. Copy the attached file instdrv.exe to the folder C:\Winspect\Program Files

2. Copy the attached file mekmcnt.sys to the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers

3. Open a command prompt:

Start\All Programs\Accessories\Command Prompt

4. Change the working directory to C:\Winspect\Program Files

cd C:\Winspect\Program Files

5. Try to remove the existing driver with the following command:

instdrv MEKMCNT remove

If the driver was already installed, you should see the following messages:

ControlService SUCCESS
DeleteService SUCCESS

If the driver was not installed, you should see:

failure: OpenService (0x424)
failure: OpenService (0x424)

6. At this point, the driver should not be installed. Now install the driver with the following command

instdrv MEKMCNT C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\mekmcnt.sys

You should see the following messages:

CreateService SUCCESS
StartService SUCCESS
CreateFile SUCCESS

If for some reason the driver was still installed, you should see

failure: CreateService, ERROR_SERVICE_EXISTS
CreateFile SUCCESS

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