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Windows Upgrade Assessment
This Windows Upgrade Assessment is to help you assess the future of your Windows XP-based UTEX inspection system. It contains the following sections:
  • Inspection system PCs
  • Upgrade scenarios
  • UTEX upgrade support
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    Utex Windows XP Support Notice
    Your UTEX system PC is an industrial controller that hosts specialized components for motion control and high speed data acquisition. It should not be upgraded before contacting UTEX technical support for advice.
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Inspection Systems
NDE Software
Gimbals and Manipulators
Motion Control Electronics
Turntables and Rotators
Acquisition Logic Devices
Micropulse Devices
UT3xx Pulser Receivers
Imagine3D Ultrasonic Simulation
Winspect Data Acquisition 
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10/23/2014 Rev: 1.0
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