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Tecnatom SONIA FPR8A Module
InspectionWare Setup Notes
This document describes the setup steps required to add and use Tecnatom FPR8A in InspectionWare. It includes the procedures for:

1. Adding the device to InspectionWare10’s System Environment
Only InspectionWare10 32 Bit can be used as 64 bit Tecnatom drivers are not available.

2. Creating an instance of the device in your workspace

3. Configuring A-Scans to set up Pulse-Echo and Through Transmission modes.

    3.1. Module Setup
    Specify the physical probe connections and the pulse voltages for each channel.

    3.2. Instrument Setup
    Declare the number of channels, default PRF and Data Collection mode.

    3.3. Channel Configuration
    Setup channel properties such as modules used, UT mode, A-Scan display etc.

Before you begin, please consult the instrument documentation to learn more about connecting the Sonia UT, Communication and System Control modules.
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