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InspectionWare Interim Build: Version (32 bit)
WARNING: An interim build is posted to provide a quick response necessary in certain situations. It has not necessarily been tested and is provided on an "as-is" basis.

Latest Release Notes

Build Note:

Updated .NET version to 4.7.2

New Features:

(1) Added ability for extract point to use a sweep annotation as an input. Added a property to use the difference positions to generate a complex output with the deifferences

(2) Added differnence method to complex part processor

(3) Individual colors can now be selected for the radial circle parts of a polar cursor.

(4) Added difference option, readouts and specified double-click moves to multi-D cursor

(5) Added specified double-click modes to cursor and TOFD cursor annotations

(6) Added submenu to data viewer control context menu event.

(7) Device Parameters works with IW Socket Device

(8) Refactor of amplitude processor types. Thresholded types now track the threshold polarity automatically. All types now have interpolation as an option.

Bug Fixes:

(1) annotations with > 1 width and a line style that was not solid did not draw properly

(2) When the Length Y property of a manual cluster was changed, the cluster could shift unexpectedly along the Y axis.

(3) Tecnatom FPR8A scaled to 80 dB instead of 100 dB in analog logarithmic mode.

(4) Tecnatom FPR8A hardware gate reported incorrect values for some rectification types.


This document contains a downloadable Windows installer for InspectionWare as well as the release notes covering the current version.

System Requirements

Software requirements

  • OS supported: Windows 7 and up
    Note: To enable full CPU/GPU acceleration on Windows 7, please download and install either Internet Explorer 10 or Windows 7 Platform Update. The functionality is already a part of Windows 8 and up.
  • InspectionWare requires .NET framework version 4.5 or above installed on your system. If you do not have the proper version of .NET framework, click here to download and install it. Please note that Windows 8 and up already includes .NET 4.5.

Additional resources

After downloading the installation files you may also want to review/download the following resources:
Download and Installation Instructions
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  2. Locate the file you have just downloaded then run it to initiate the install process.

    Note for Windows 7 users
    To run the downloaded installer, right-click on the file and from the popup menu select "Run as Administrator" option.

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