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InspectionWare Interim Build: Version (64 bit)
WARNING: An interim build is posted to provide a quick response necessary in certain situations. It has not necessarily been tested and is provided on an "as-is" basis.

Latest Release Notes

New Features:

(1) New tab styles - dots and underline. Selected tab tect color and background color replace individual tab colors.

(2) Added some more choices to autopan instead of only on lbutton down

Bug Fixes:

(1) Ribbon bar control fixes: buttons showed a dropdown arrow and couldn't be selected from text portion; checkbox always showed false after exiting design mode; popup panel may not draw if the panel had a button with a large icon.

(2) When a table of points was copied into a point source or point cloud, the points were not set valid and so did not appear in a the simulation.

(3) Tab page visible property destroyed rather than hid the page.

(4) Show Dialog properties to allow minimize, maximize and resize could not be saved since build

(5) Al gates were not showing in the toolbox till the drivers were installed

(6) load tree of two synced micropulses was not working


This document contains a downloadable Windows installer for InspectionWare as well as the release notes covering the current version.

System Requirements

Software requirements

  • OS supported: Windows 10 and up
    Note: Latest version of Windows 10 updates is required.
  • InspectionWare requires .NET framework version 4.8 or above installed on your system. If you do not have the proper version of .NET framework, click here to download and install it.
  • The neural network in fpLearn requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable. You can click on the following links to download each version: x86 Redistributable, x64 Redistributable.
  • CPU with AVX2 instruction set. For a list of supported CPUs, click here.

Additional resources

After downloading the installation files you may also want to review/download the following resources:
Download and Installation Instructions
  1. Right-click on the file name in the "Downloads" section below and choose "Save Target As" or "Save..." to download the file to your computer.
  2. Locate the file you have just downloaded then run it to initiate the install process.

    Note for Windows 7 users
    To run the downloaded installer, right-click on the file and from the popup menu select "Run as Administrator" option.

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