MicroPulse LT Overview
MicroPulse LT is a compact, high performance ultrasonic instrument available as a 2, 4 or 8-channel version.

Significant Features

    • Square-Wave 200 V Pulse: for optimum transducer excitation
    • 25 MHz bandwidth: optimum for most NDT applications, extremely low noise
    • 100 MHz Sampling at 12 bits vertical resolution (16 effective bits with DRE)
    • 2-Axis encoder inputs: enables extremely high-speed scanning in pulse-on-position mode or position stamped mode.
    • Dynamic Range Expansion (DRE): provides true 96 dB of spurious free dynamic range on up to 4 channels
    • Compact IP67 housing: optimum field portability, or mounting on scanner mast for minimal cable length to transducers

MicroPulse LT is equally suitable for use in field portable or factory based inspection systems.

Software Platforms
MicroPulse is supported by a number of software platforms, including
    • InspectionWare
    • Peak NDT’s LTScan software with pulse-echo, TOFD and corrosion mapping.
    • British Energy MIPS/GUIDE
The MicroPulse instrument family uses an open data format and a well-documented command language so that users have the option to write their own interface for controlling the instrument.


MicroPulse LT instrument

MicroPulse LT instrument

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