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Acquisition Logic AL12250 Digitizer Specifications
The Acquisition Logic AL12250 is a single channel digitizer is popular with both researchers and production users for high-speed scanning with moderately high frequencies. It is typically used to digitize the signals from a pulser-receiver, or any flaw detector with an analog RF output.

The AL12250 features a single channel digitizing with 12-bit resolution, at up to 250 MHz sampling frequency. This provides 66 dB of useful dynamic range, and is compatible with RF signals up to 50 MHz center frequency. It also features on-board Time Variable Gain (TVG) that may be used for automatic Distance-Amplitude Correction when scanning thick materials.

The AL12250 has a single input for either quadrature encoder or step-and direction signals. This feature enables the digitizer to keep up with the motion of high-speed scanning systems. Up to 4 motion axes may be hard-wired to the input, with software switching to select which axis will be monitored during scanning.

Application Examples:

  • Production scanning systems
  • Laboratory scanning systems

Note: Since 2009, the AL12200 has been replaced by the AL12250, which offers the same functionality at an even higher sampling rate.
Legacy software will treat the Al 12250 instrument as though it was the older AL12200 model.

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