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Acquisition Logic AL83xGTe Digitizer Specifications

AL83XGTe is a dual-channel, high resolution, 8 bit 3 GS/s Digitizer board using the PCI express bus.

The AL83xGTe uses a dual 1.5GS/s 8-bit ADC to digitize the input signals. The sampling rate ranges from

3GS/s to 250KS/s. The two channels are synchronous since they have a common clock.

This means the AL83xGTe can be used in several modes, including:

    • Dual independent channels at 1.5 GHz Sampling, 8 bits resolution
    • One channel at 3.0 GHz sampling and 8 bits amplitude resolution.
    • One channel at 1.5 GHz sampling and expanded dynamic range (12 bits amplitude resolution)*

* Please see this white paper on Wide Dynamic Range

Application Examples:
    • high resolution automated scanners,
    • high resolution thickness gauging
    • flaw detection in advanced metals, coatings and laminates,
    • ultrasonic microscopes,
    • laboratory scanning systems
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