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Resolving Winspect time-out error for Galil DMC 18xx motion controllers
Tips for Galil DMC driver configuration

Winspect 5.x, and 6.x report Galil time-out error during scanning:

Winspect 5.5 and 6.x scanning systems may report a time-out error from the Galil motion controller during scanning.

The error message has the format: "WINSPCT2.dll Galil error: A time-out occurred while waiting for a response from the controller."

Winspect is relaying a message from the Galil driver that the hardware failed to respond within the allotted time.

The issue may be related the Galil driver configuration. If so, then configuration of two Galil driver settings should eliminate the problem:

      1. Ensure that the Galil time-out value is long enough to allow for communications with the hardware. We recommend setting to 5000 ms

      2. Set "Stall Thread" as the communications method between the Galil driver and the hardware.

Both of these items are configured through the SmartTerm software.

      1. Click Windows START--> All Programs --> Galil --> SmartTerm

      2. In the SmartTerm window: Click the main menu --> Tools --> Controller registration

      3. This will expose a list of Galil controllers (in Winspect scanners, there is usually only one)

      4. Select the controller in the list and click the Edit Controller Properties button

      5. On the General Parameters tab, set the Timeout: value to 5000 ms

      6. On the Communications Method tab, select "Stall Thread"

      7. Close everything up and start Winspect as normal.

This should resolve the time-out issue.

About Hardware Drivers and Winspect versions

This tech note applies to Winspect versions 5.x and 6.x running Galil DMC 18xx controller on PCI boards.

Winspect 6.x operates under Windows 2000/NT/XP.

Winspect 7.x operates under Windows 7 and beyond.

!! Not all manufacturers of NDT systems hardware have updated their drivers for Windows7 compatibility. !!

Please check with your hardware manufacturer for updated drivers, or contact UTEX for guidance.

For Windows7 and later operating systems, UTEX and Galil recommend using the newer GalilTools drivers, which are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

See Galil's tech support pages for guidance about updating drivers for legacy DMC hardware: http://www.galilmc.com/support/manuals/galiltools/pci.html

Related Downloads:

Galil SmartTERM version 6.1 Recommended for Galil hardware operating under Windows XP or earlier

GalilTools software Recommended for Galil hardware operating under Windows 7 or later

Galil DMC hardware manuals for all Galil controllers

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