Product Specifications
The following specifications apply to both, UT320 and UT340 pulser receivers.

Pulser Specifications
Pulse Specification Rise time <2.0 ns<1.0 ns
Fall time <2.0 ns <1.0 ns
Load Impedance50 ohms 50 ohms
Minimum Load Impedancecapacitive to 10 Amps capacitive to 5.2 Amps
Pulse Voltage Control Minimum Output Voltage100 V 100 V
Maximum Output Voltage500 V 250 V
Maximum Voltage
2 V 2 V
Pulse Width Control Pulse Width Minimum 5.0 ns2.0 ns
Pulse Width Maximum80 ns80 ns
Pulse Width Resolution0.20-0.50 ns0.20-0.50 ns
Pulse Width Accuracy 10% 10%
PRF Control PRF Minimum 200 Hz200 Hz
PRF Maximum 20 kHz 20 kHz
Receiver Specifications
Gain Specification Bandwidth (-3 dB)1 MHz to 150 MHz
Input Impedance 50 ohms
Equivalent Input Noise100 ÁV p-p max
Maximum Output Level0 dBm
Output Headroom 6 dB
Gain Control Voltage Gain Minimum 63 dB
Voltage Gain Maximum
Gain Increment
1 dB
Serial Communications RS-232 (connection to host computer)
RS-485 (connection to additional pulser receivers)
User Input/OutputFour programmable digital inputs and outputs
Two sets of programmable relay contacts
Dimensions and weight
Height86.6mm (3.5")
104mm (4") - including removable feet
Width428.6mm (17") - desktop version
482mm (19") - rackmount version including side handles
Depth507mm (20") - including front panel BNC connectors protruding 14mm and back panel cord wraps protruding 25mm
Weight13.7kg (30.1lbs)

Product Ordering Options

The following options can be specified when ordering UT320 and UT340 instruments:

  • Rack mounting option
    Consists of modified front panel design and an option to route front BNC connections to the back panel.
  • Fast Pulser option
    Gives you pulse rise and fall times that are under 1ns.
  • Continuously Variable Filter option
    Provides continuously variable second order low-pass and high-pass filtering as well as selectable RF signal inversion. Read more...

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