Imagine3D Ultrasonic Simulation

Imagine3D is about training and ultrasonic technique development. It makes it easy.

Unlike 2D simulation, Imagine 3D accounts for curvature in all directions and shows sound travelling through as many interfaces as you can throw at it.

Imagine3D has been the cost effective standard for over twelve years.
Imagine3D UT Simulation Software

Know what you're getting into

Confirm your inspection technique. Imagine3D shows you exactly where the ultrasound is going, so you can see if your proposed technique is valid. See how changing variables will affect real world results and experiment to find the best technique for the job. Imagine3D will even tell you how unexpected problems such as shadowing may impact real life results.

Communicate your ideas and be understood. Imagine3D uses raytracing and sound fields to show customers and technicians exactly what is going on. Demonstrate how certain angles and shear waves can exist and explain to others how the inspection works. A text printout lists the probe angles, spacing and water path distances if fixturing is required.

Solve tricky inspection problems. Simplify complex signals and identify every echo on the A-scan with certainty. Remove the guesswork from inspections by analyzing the sound path within your part. If your part has restricted access or complex geometries, Imagine3D will help you inspect it.
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